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Re: Possibility of personalizing OpenOffice documents automatically?

Hello Hervé,

sorry for the late reply...

Am 2005-05-31 12:06:19, schrieb herve@elma.fr:

> No I want the operators to not be able to modify the original document ...
> And to have only a main administrator of the documents ...
> It's a kind of contact center, where people manage phone calls and for each 
> call they will attribute to the customer a status ... and this status will 
> produce a postal mail ... to be generated immediatly or by batch at the end 
> of the day ... all the mail will be printed and put in wrap to be posted !
> It's clearer ? ;o)

This what you do can be done via php and creating PDF Files which
can be printed. I do this for my customers and my Online Store
because the Invoices are send as PDF to the Customers via E-Mail.

All tools needed are already in php4 and it works since WOODY.


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