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Re: DLINK Print Server

Christiano Becker wrote:


I need to use a DLINK DP301P+ print server on my linux
box. I have configured
my lpd and it works fine, but I need a way to use my
printer like a local
lpt printer to do something like this: echo "PRINT
TEST" > /dev/lp0

Something like a virtual device maybe? The problem is
that I can only set the port of
my print in the program that will use it. Today the
printer works fine with a
multi-serial card and I can set the port without
problems (/dev/ttyS16).
Or maybe a buffer nod with a shell script in loop that
reads the buffer and send to the printer via lpr?
But I don't know how to set this.

echo "PRINT TEST" | lpr

That works for me. I have an external print buffer, too (a CompUSA model, whatever that is) and have it set up similar to what you should have.

Do you understand me? Sorry my bad english.

You English is much better than any of the languages I have even a passing familiarity with.

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