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Re: Problems seeing USB mp3 player... any help?

On Wed, Jun 01, 2005 at 01:05:52AM -0400, Paul Smith wrote:

> Thanks for looking Carl; all of the links above are for the RaveMP 2100,
> which is a _way_ old mp3 player that uses a parallel port (!)
> connection, not USB.

Um, oops.  Sorry.


> Did you find anything newer, related to the new Rave MP 128/256/512
> sport mp3 players?  I couldn't find anything.  I'm going to ask on the
> linux-usb-users mailing list to see if they have any ideas.

Well, this page


claims it should function as a USB mass storage device, as you thought

Does it use SD cards, as the web site indicates?  It's trivial to use a USB
card reader.  I use a 512 MB SD card ($30 after rebate) and an $8 card
reader (MediaGear 8-in-4) with my Palm Tungsten T3 as my primary audio
player these days.

The Google group for Rave/ilo players
(http://groups-beta.google.com/group/ILO-MP3) has someone else asking about
Linux drivers, so it isn't apparently a solved question (contradicting Mr.
Stanley's comments in the other linked page).
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