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Re: Problems seeing USB mp3 player... any help?

%% Carl Fink <carlf@fink.to> writes:

  >> According to everything I can find, you don't need any special
  >> drivers.  For example, it says that in Windows >98SE you don't need
  >> to install anything, it just works.

  >> Because of this, I'm ass-u-me-ing it uses a standard filesystem/etc.

  cf> Seemingly not so.  Presumably that just means Windows ships with the
  cf> appropriate driver. 

  cf> However:

  cf> http://www.world.co.uk/sba/ravemp.html

  cf> http://rpmfind.net/linux/RPM/redhat/6.2/cpan/i386/perl-Audio-RaveMP-0.04-6.i386.html
  cf> http://sourceforge.net/projects/ravempgui/

  cf> This stuff looks pretty obsolete.

  cf> None appear to be packaged for Debian.  At least one other effort
  cf> seems to have been abandoned due to DMCA fears.

Thanks for looking Carl; all of the links above are for the RaveMP 2100,
which is a _way_ old mp3 player that uses a parallel port (!)
connection, not USB.

I can easily imagine that a parallel port connection would utilize
proprietary protocols since there aren't any standard ones.  I'd be more
surprised for these new, USB-based devices to require proprietary

Did you find anything newer, related to the new Rave MP 128/256/512
sport mp3 players?  I couldn't find anything.  I'm going to ask on the
linux-usb-users mailing list to see if they have any ideas.

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