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Re: (SOLVED) Unable to properly install 2 packages

J.F.Gratton wrote:
Marty has been a good help to help me reinstall the guile-1.6 package,
but I could not remove it either since the postrm script was corrupted,
too. Here's a way I thought of to force apt to reinstall a package you
think might have been corrupted along the install process.

apt-get autoclean ; apt-get -d --reinstal $PACKAGE_NAME ;
cd /var/cache/apt/archives ; dpkg -i --force-all $PACKAGE_FILE.

One caveat : I'm assuming here that the source of your problem was some
kind of corruption and that the package would install properly (no
dependencies problems, etc) in normal times; the --force-all might be a
bit risky otherwise.

-- J.F. (Jeff)

You could probably just replace the postrm script with something like
"exit 0" and them purge and reinstall it again.

You probably already know about debsums to verify all my installed
packages.  (I use it with the -generate=all option against my local
archive mirror, although that's probably overkill.)  I suspect that
debsums should verify all your install scripts too.

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