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Re: Possibility of personalizing OpenOffice documents automatically?

On Tuesday 31 May 2005 10:20, herve@elma.fr wrote:
> Ok for this ... but I have may be not well explained my need ...
> I want to make this merge from a server and not from the user's computer
> ... It'll be an automatic process done by this server after the user as
> defined the good document to send (mail, or print) to the final customer
> ...
> I'm more clear ?

Ahh.  Yes, I understand what you want now.  I'm not sure *why* you want that, 
though.  Wouldn't it be simplest just to have a network printer on the 
server, to which all the users can print?  Are you trying to keep recipient 
information away from those who write the documents, or something?


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