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Re: Can't Defrag Ext3 File System

Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
On Sunday 22 May 2005 03:33 pm, Bill Mair wrote:

Steve Lamb wrote:
> Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
>>Ok, I get your message, but for my gratification, insight and knowledge
>>of Linux how do I get the programs to run without error and not distroy
>>my harddisk?


debian FS != DOS FS

<more snip>

This is about the best explanation I've ever seen, even if it a couple of years old now:


Just to make this clear, this page explains the linux kernel does reordering reading/writing on the disc, which, among other things, takes care of the fragmentation problem; this is done by linux 2.4 (probably also by linux 2.2) and linux 2.6



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