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Re: Kaffeine: divx video suddenly doesn't work

Michael Appleman wrote:
> > Well I got around to rebooting, and still no go. Also tried it in
> > normal xine, and I got a dialog box that icouldn't fully read, the
> > text went off the window. I attached a screenshot of it. The video
> > didn't show. And I went to try in mplayer, but apparantly there is no
> > mplayer package in testing?

It's not in the Debian archives yet, but there are unofficial packages
here: http://debian.video.free.fr/

Try running Xine or Kaffeine from a terminal and look for any error
messages there (isn't it possible to run Xine without any GUI?). Also
try changing the video output from Xv to X11 (or vice versa).

Sven Arvidsson
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