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Re: Kaffeine: divx video suddenly doesn't work

On Monday 16 May 2005 18:40, Michael Appleman wrote:
> For some reason the video in movie files with divx video doesn't show
> anymore. The sound plays fine, but the video is just blank. wmv and plain
> mpeg2 videos play fine. I have the complete codec pack from the mplayer
> website installed, same as before when it worked. I even tried purging
> kaffeine and reinstalling it, but still no go. Any ideas? I'm using
> testing.

Are they the same divx videos that used to work?  If not, don't assume that 
they should.

Otherwise, try running kaffeine from the console, to see what messages you 
get.  Also, try xine, since it uses the same engine, and maybe mplayer too.  
Another thing is that you could try rebooting, in case your xv or x11 driver 
somehow got messed up.  It does *sound* OK from judging from the way you say 
that mpeg2 vids play alright, but it's worth checking, nonetheless.


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