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Re: Howto make a boot floppy for my broken system.

> Maybe you can move them back into the original order?

No. I had two drives on the same IDE channel. The Software RAID howto
tells me this is a Bad Thing.

> If you need an initrd, you will need to install a bootloader like
> GRUB (preferably) or LILO onto the floppy anyway.  I do not see why
> installing GRUB on a floppy is easier than installing it on your
> harddisk.

If I put everything on a floppy/CD then at least I don't have to worry
about RAID autodetection issues. So maybe it's a bit simpler.

> Unless you provide more information about your setup, no one will be
> able to help you.  Which kernel?  Type of disks?  Raid type?
> Partition layout?  And "won't boot any longer" is not a very exact
> error description, too.

2.6.9 kernel, software raid level 5, reiserfs, three IDE drives.

I get into LILO and then later on I get this:

"Kernel Panic: cannot open initial console, please try passing valid
init= option to the kernel

Alex Polite

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