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Re: Howto make a boot floppy for my broken system.

Am 17.05.2005 um 12:40 schrieb Alex Polite:

> My RAID array broke down the other day.  Using Knoppix I've managed to
> reassemble the array but it won't boot any longer. (Maybe due to the
> fact that I've moved the drives around.)

Maybe you can move them back into the original order?
> Rather than figure out how to get system to boot from RAID I'd like to
> make a boot floppy or boot CD for it.

If you need an initrd, you will need to install a bootloader like
GRUB (preferably) or LILO onto the floppy anyway.  I do not see why
installing GRUB on a floppy is easier than installing it on your

Unless you provide more information about your setup, no one will be
able to help you.  Which kernel?  Type of disks?  Raid type?
Partition layout?  And "won't boot any longer" is not a very exact
error description, too.

> Could someone please point me to a relevant howto? I've tried googling
> but get swamped with irrelevant results.

Enter "install grub on floopy" in Google.  Follow third result to:


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