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Re: Woody -> Sarge apt-get dist-upgrade

> At the risk of being contrary, I recently (January) upgraded a couple of
> servers from woody to sarge and it was pretty trivial - in fact I don't
> recall having to do any reconfiguration other than answer some questions
> during the upgrade.
> Given the supposed strength of Debian is that it makes upgrades easy via
> aptitude/apt-get, I find the rather dramatic warnings, strange.

Your mileage may vary depending on the services you may be running.
There are some very critical changes between Woody and Sarge, esp in
packages such as slapd, exim, etc.

If you have a highly customised install of woody, then chances are
very high that you may end up with a screwed up system. I would
suggest sticking to woody in such cases. But, if you are running
desktop/less critical installs, then a dist-upgrade may be very well
in order (though, I would be surprised if you aren't tracking Sid
already :)

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