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Re: mount: mount point /media/cdrom0 does not exist

On Monday 16 May 2005 03:40 am, Jonathan Kaye wrote:

> Hi Mitchell,
> Yes, I have noticed exactly the same thing. It seems that the
> media/cdrom0 etc. are not persistent - they are removed every time your
> reboot. I assume that this is a feature not a bug and that there are
> good reasons for that. Practically speaking, it means you have to mkdir
> the /media/cdromN files before mounting something to them. I've written
> a script that does that when I want to mount the drives. Wiser heads
> than mine can probably explain why the /media/cdrom0, 1, ...n  mount
> points are not presistent.
> Cheers,
> Jonathan
Hi Jonathan,

I suspect it is another damned consequence of udev. I wonder what we do to 
avoid having to do this by a script of our own each time? where do we set 
udev up for the cdroms?


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