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Re: Script executed with /etc/init.d/networking

Kenward Vaughan ha scritto:

On Wed, May 04, 2005 at 02:20:02PM +0200, Marco Calviani wrote:
Darryl Clarke ha scritto:

On 5/4/05, Marco Calviani <mirtux@studenti.fisica.unifi.it> wrote:

i would like to know which scripts are executed when starting the
network interfaces, since i would like to delete a reference to
firestater that i've currently uninstalled.

DHCPACK from sh: /etc/init.d/firestarter: No such file or
directory bound to -- renewal in 129600 seconds.

You can check /etc/network/if-up.d/

it contains scripts to execute on network 'up'. (there's a few others
too, if-down.d, post-down, etc... there too that might have  junk left

Unfortunately there is nothing there pointing to load /etc/init.d/firestarter or something related to it....

How about
	grep -r firestarter /etc/*    # as root if needed

for clues?

Thanks i'll yours and the one posted before by Darryl!


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