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please stop posting this!

Nice ASCII logo.
> I work for poor people through UNDP.

one more proof that there i) are wrong people in the wrong places and
ii) much money is being wasted.

> I am not a government nor Microsoft employee.

shouldn't make a difference as money rules the world (*cough*)... so
your employer is meaningless (even if it's any UN subsidiary -- the UN
is meaningless, please look at the US spreading war all over the world,
the UN doing nothing against it. and no, it's not the 'terror' they're
fighting -- the real terror comes from the US -- it's the fight for
'their oil'... bastards)!

> (Ask Bill)
>>A lot of people in poor and developing countries are already
>>aware that they should move towards open source, and they 
>>themselves keep up with those master plans everyday ...
> That is true.
> They know they should move. But they do not really know how.
> I have seen the quality of many 3rd world country masterplans.
> They are poorly presented; their language and formatting is
> bad; and most of them aren't based on facts.
> Western masterplans are more decent and sustainable. If they
> were to be adapted to 3rd world conditions, perhaps the
> situation would progress angular, and 3rd world people
> wouldn't have to struggle to keep up with their masterplans.


it's not the lame presentation of even lamer masterplans that makes
hundreds of thousands of people in the 3rd world die of hunger and
deseases every month, no, it's that fucking capitalism!

you are in one of many key positions to change this. do something! and
please stop driveling!

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