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Re: smssend does not do anything ?

On Tue, May 03, 2005 at 08:16:52PM +0200, Ernst-Magne Vindal wrote:

> Hi, anyone know smssend? I have just installed it and trying to send sms
> but nothing happens. It does not give any error but the message i not
> being delivered at the mobile phone.
> Im using eurobate and have the latest provider file.
> Trying to send with the following:
> smssend eurobate.sms login/*username*/ password /*mypw*/ 4712345678
> "Hi, sending from smssend"

Looking at the eurobate.sms script there are five parameters required.
You have not used the network code.
> it then pause for a few seconds and back to promt, no error. cant find any
> logs either.
> Any ideas?

With fewer than five parameters there should definitely be an error
message generated which informs you there are not enough arguments for
this provider.  However, there is a space between 'password' and
'/*mypw*/' which would (if what you have above is what you had on the
command line) make five parameters and that is why no error is reported.

For a log of the transaction append '-- -d5' to the command.  No
quotation marks of course.  A number of html files are written to disk
as well as to the console.  See 'SkyUtils-options' in the smssend

> I have an account at eurobyte.com, and also did by some extra sms to see
> if it helped.

See where you get with:

smssend eurobate.sms username password network number "message"


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