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Re: usb tv card

On 2005-04-28 21:00:20 +0200, Brendan <mailinglist@endosquid.com> said:

On Thursday 28 April 2005 01:42 am, Walter Hoolwerf wrote:
Yeah, well. What can I say. I've used the Hauppage software, and it
really sucks.......

I just decided to buy a cheap, good external tv tuner, and let the Linux support be damned since Mother's Day is quickly approaching and my present was moving the VHS tapes to DVD...

So, I'll install Windows, unplug the network cable, and for a few hours, close my eyes and let there be one Linux-unfriendly piece of hardware on my box.

I'm afraid I wont be having that option. My system will run a private mail server for a dozen users, also ftp and webserver, and also mythtv to act as a video recorder/multimedia center.

so booting into windows wont really be an option I'm afraid :) It would eventually get some users pissed.

But I do get your point: linux support for these cards really isn't as good as support for a lot of other devices is. It's not to bad though if you are using a PCI card

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