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Re: Gnome to KDE

Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:
David R. Litwin wrote:

When I boot up in to my Sarge, it automatically goes to the Gnome
style login screen. How do I make it go to the KDE type?

Assuming you are using GDM, then there should be a button marked
"session" that will let you choose which desktop environment/window
manager you want.

I also have a few more questions (such as why doesn't my internet work
even though I am connected and how do I log in as root with
Gnome-style login screen) but I wish to tackle the easiest out of

To help you trouble shoot the internet connection, we will need *lots*
more detail.  What is the output of the following commands: uname -a,
lsmod, lspci, /sbin/ifconfig.  You *never*, repeat *never*, want to
log in to a graphical session as root.  Think of it like this, you
log in as root to do something quick and forget or become too lazy to
switch back to a regular user to browse the net.  BAM!  You get some
spyware or something that exploits a vulnerability in Mozilla.  It is
now running on your system with root priveledges.  You always want to
log in as regular user and then use one of the many available utilities
that will allow you to temporarily assume root for one or a few commands
and then go back to regular user.  Checkout su, sux, sudo, gksu, gksudo,
gksuexec and gnome-sudo for a start.


Not to mention what a "crazy click" could do to you in the file manager
as root.

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