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Re: Moving from SUSE9.1 to DEBIAN

Alle Sunday 1 May 2005 17:34, s. keeling ha scritto:
> Incoming from rubyriddle:
> > Would you give me information on how best to move from SUSE9.1 linux to
> > plain Vanila Debian Linux.
> Got backups?  Start there.  Then download the Sarge/testing netinst
> CD, burn it, and boot from it.  See the archives at lists.debian.org

I subscribe that. I made the move from Suse  9.2 to Debian (only missing Yast, 
by the way) exactly that way.

Only be careful about your hardware: latest (2.6.10 & 2.6.11) kernels removed 
support for the tg3 module (broadcom 5700) so i guess the rc3 netinst would 
not have worked on my laptop (Dell D800).

Anyway go on. You won't miss much...

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