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Re: keymap in debian

On Friday 29 Apr 2005 7:47 pm, you wrote:
> --- Jpydeep Bakshi <hizibizi@spymac.com> wrote:
> > error loading /etc/console/boottime.keymap.gz
> > syntax error at /etc/keymap/boottime.keymap.gz:6
> > syntax error in map file
> > keybindings not changed
> Re-run:
> dpkg-reconfigure console-data
> to see if that fixes the issue.

thanks. I did the same and select *keep kernel keymap* after rebooting it 
shows *syntax error* at line 4 of the map file. then I again executed the 
same command then and select
select keep map from arch->qwerty->US American->standard

and it also displayed the error at map file as I mentioned above. along with 
an error *keybindings not changed*
> Is there any reason why you're posting the same questions to many
> lists?

not at all. actually I have come to know about the *debian-list* recently, so 
I have started to post the *debian* specific question to this list. In future 
you can't see any more duplicate question among *tag* and *debian-list* 
but yes I have posted mail regarding CUPS to *tag* first and after not getting 
any response I posted to *debian-list*. happy to say that David Clymer 
<david@zettazebra.com> has given a solutin -;)) thanks David.
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