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Re: Problem Setting DMA

On Thursday 28 April 2005 14:37, Thomas H. George wrote:
> If the kernel does not support this IDE controller, what next?  A new
> motherboard?

There are a few options.

You could first of all see if support is in progress, or being planned.  If it 
is, you can forget about DMA for a while until it's ready.  DMA is nice for 
performance, but it's not crucial.

Otherwise, you can beg someone or pay someone to develop a driver, or learn 
the right stuff and do it yourself.  Someone might be willing to do it for 
free if only they have access to a similar board.  If you're considering 
buying a new one, you could instead by the same one for a kernel developer, 
and thereby enhance linux, and help others with the same board.


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