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Re: IBM Thinkpad A22m & A Long Post

Also sprach "Byron Hillis" <b_hillis@optusnet.com.au> (Thu, 28 Apr 2005 22:38:31 +1000):


> [...]
> 1. I am currently stuck on the wrong end of a 56k dial-up line thanks to a
> certain inefficient telecommunications company, which makes for interesting
> problems when choosing a distro. I would like pure Debian Sarge if possible
> (running Woody on a server), but it seems that no release is going to be
> happening anytime soon, so what are my options?
> Here's how I see it,
> - Get Sarge ISO's and just do an install and upgrade very occasionally...

IMHO the best way to get sarge on the system. maybe a netinstall will do if your weren't on such a slow line. 

knoppix,.. -> sarge might also be a solution to get your debian.

> [...]
> 2. Anything I should watch out for installing onto one of these?

don't own such a thing, but just spotted this link via google:

also useful to get familiar with acpi ;)

> Byron

sl ritch.

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