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Re: only 'umount -l' works with one of my usb sticks

On Tue, Apr 26, 2005 at 08:33:15PM -0400, H. S. wrote:
>Apparently, _Monique Y. Mudama_, on 26/04/05 14:58,typed:
>>On 2005-04-23, H. S. penned:
>>>I just noticed that the problem has ocurred again. I transfered a
>>>123MB file from hard disk to the USB stick and after the file
>>>transfer was complete the USB stick refused to unmount citing that
>>>it was still busy.
>>I hate to ask, but did you have a terminal open to a directory on the
>>USB drive when you tried to umount the drive?
>No I did not. When I first got the "device busy" or "you are root" 
>message, that was the first thing I checked. It is the first thing I 
>always check when umounting gives me any problems.

What about running lsof and looking for what is open on your USB stick?

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