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Re: login problems

Pollywog wrote:

If you want to be able to login as root in a KDE session, you can configure KDM to allow it.
But it's highly recommended that you do not log into X as root. In fact, you should avoid logging in as root except when you need root access. And even then, you can use "su -" to become root from within a normal user's session, or better yet, use sudo (although it requires a small bit of setup) to "become root" for just that specific command, when you need to do root-type things.

Remember all the viruses and spyware and security issues you've come to associate with Windows? Much of that comes from the Microsoft habit of logging in with root privileges (as an Administrator-level user), which is pretty much necessary on that OS, as so many programs don't work properly without Admin access. Linux is not designed that way. Do yourself a favor and learn early to avoid logging in as root except when necessary.


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