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Re: Linux hides my Fat32 data partition

I wonder if your partition has been "maximized".  Consider this fragment
from the cfdisk man page:

m      Maximize disk usage of the current partition.  This command will
      recover the the unused space between the partition table and the
      beginning of the partition, but at the cost of making the parti-
      tion incompatible with DOS, OS/2 and  possibly  other  operating
      systems.  This option will toggle between maximal disk usage and
      DOS, OS/2, etc. compatible disk usage.  The default when  creat-
      ing  a  partition is to create DOS, OS/2, etc. compatible parti-

Run "man cfdisk" and search for "maximize" for more information.  In one
place it says that fdisk and some other partitioning tools will maximize
partitions by default.  I have run into this problem before-- I
maximized a partition and Windows wouldn't see it, IIRC.

Try running cfdisk and see if you have maximization turned on for that
partition, and can turn it off.  I dunno, but it's worth a shot.

Good luck,


Thanks for the suggestion, but I fear this is not the problem. I have deleted the partition in WindowsXP and recreated it several times. Yet on reboot, even into Windows, it disappears. The only thing that's not standard in this process is LILO.

FWIW I have just removed LILO from the MBR (fixmbr from winxp CD) and recreated the partition, rebooted into windows and its still there. Hooray!!

Gunna try and using NTLDR to boot linux and see how I get on.


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