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oooqs and lock-file


if I close my kde-session oooqs ask for termination a running 
openoffice-programm. But the lockfile in ~/.openoffice/1.1.3 will not remove.
The next time I log in, it say, that a openoffice instance is already running.
It is warning that my usersetup can be go lost, if I say yes for continue to 
start up. 
This problem is especially for user of our network, who login from ThinClient 
to load balance servers. Allways they see this message they call our 
department. I don't have found how can I configure oooqs to remove the 
lockfile at closing the kde-session.

The system is sarge with
kernel Linux ots-3 2.6.8-2-686-smp
kde             3.3.2-1
ii  oooqs-kde      2.0.3-4.0.1    OpenOffice.org QuickStarter applet for KDE
ii  openoffice.org 1.1.3-8        high-quality office productivity suite
ii  openoffice.org 1.1.3-8        OpenOffice.org office suite binary files
ii  openoffice.org 1.1.3-8+1      Debian specific parts of OpenOffice.org
ii  openoffice.org 1.1.3-8        KDE UI Plugin and KDE File Picker for OpenOf
ii  openoffice.org 1.1.3-8        OpenOffice.org MIME bindings for KDE
ii  ttf-openoffice 1.0-2          OpenOffice TrueType Fonts

Can someone help me?

Thanks in advance

Monika Strack
Institut fuer Tierzucht 
Bundesforschungsanstalt fuer Landwirtschaft

31535 Neustadt               e-mail: most@tzv.fal.de
Germany                      Tel: +49 5034 /871 154
                             Fax: +49 5034 /871 239

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