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Re: undeletion on ext2

To avoid future deletion disasters, consider installing Libtrash:


It creates a trashcan for Linux. Even works at the command line, not
just for point-and-click operations.


On Wed, 20 Apr 2005 17:39:03 +0200
Olive <olive.lin@versateladsl.be> wrote:

> Midnight commander has the hability to undelete file on a ext2 
> partition. However the interface is not very good and I see no 
> possibility to handle it by scripts (since we do not have the filename
> anymore; it would be nice if we could undelete many files at once and
> do  a grep on these). Is there a command line program to do this.
> Rem: I have found a very efficient ntfsundelete to recover delete
> files  on a ntfs partition. Strangely enough I had not find a tool of
> this kind  for ext2 partitions.
> Olive
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