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Re: displaying japanese/japanese input resources

i solved my own problem by installing xfs-tt and fonts off apt... however how do i make xfs-tt server run automatically at startup? since it doesnt start automatically when i boot up.

Lee Braiden wrote:
On Tuesday 19 April 2005 19:09, brandon wrote:
Hi, does anyone know any webpages with tutorials or guides on getting
japanese to display correctly in nautilus/inputting japanese for debian
sid? thank you
As I understand it, nautilus should handle it pretty easily, if you have the 
right fonts installed, and haven't messed with the default fonts in nautilus.  
It's all unicode-based now, and the default fonts map in unicode symbols as 
and when required, I think, so it should just work, as long as you're not 
using a different encoding.  You might want to check out UIM, SCIM, or IIIMF 
for CJK input.  Or perhaps some combination of those.


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