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Re: VIA AC97 sound card

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En/La James C. Hall MD ha escrit, a 19/04/05 18:05:
| The Kudoz 7 mobo has a Creative CT5880 sound chip onboard.
| Jamie
| Jonathan Kaye wrote:
| En/La DANIEL NACHAJ ha escrit, a 19/04/05 16:48:
| | HI,
| | I want to ask you about my problem with integrated sound card VIA AC97
| | on motherboard Kudoz 7.
| | I try install Debian Sarge and during install I can see few modules
| | whitch aren't available.
| | I can read something like "These modules are unavailable but they
| | perhaps can be available later".
| | My sound card isn't working. I don't know either appropriate modules no
| | exist in kernel and I have to download it or modules exist in kernel
| and
| | I have to load it.
| | Pls if you know tell me what can I do. How can I fix my sound.
| | Thx a lot and have a nice day :)
| | Regards
| | Daniel Nachaj
| |
| Hi Daniel,
| What sound system are you using? Have you installed alsa? Can you show
| us the output of $lsmod
| Jonathan
Hi Jamie,
It took me awhile to find your input. Please don't top post. Thanks.
According to the Alsa page he needs snd-ens1371 as a driver but who
knows if he's using alsa? That's what I was trying to find out with my post.
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