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Re: I do not accept that my WinXP is better than my Debian!

hi ya jean

On Tue, 19 Apr 2005, Jean-Louis Crouzet wrote:

given that you have a dns problem ?? ( ie .. things not working right )

i'd change the following:

> # cat hosts
>       localhost.localdomain   localhost       GX200	localhost.localdomain localhost	gx200.courzet.fr  gx200
> GX200:/etc# cat resolv.conf
> search Barricade_Home69

the above is whacky .. use a real domain like below

search gourzet.fr

> # dnsdomainname
> localdomain

that'd be bad ..

the result of the following commands should always work:
# hostname -f

# hostname -s

# hostname -d

# domainname

# dnsdomainname

- you will have random problems with various ( more finicky ) apps 
  if dns is  not properly config'd


for more debugging .. ( assuming you want bind )
	what is the contents of your named.conf and the contents
	of the files that named.conf references

c ya

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