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Debian against Mandrake with broken net


I noticed a very interesting thing couple days ago when there was a broken
router in the network where our house is.

We have 2 PCs : Debian which is firewall & my home computer, and Mandrake
which is on net throuh my Debian.

The Debian has had very slow net lately but Mandrake has worked fine. I
noticed that about 6% of ping-packages is lost when pinging. There is
nothing wrong in Debian-side and no weird messages in /var/log.

What's interesting here is that even if these two computers looses same
amount of packages, you don't notice it on Mandrake but Debian is terribly
slow. For example opening web page needs 2 secs with Mandrake but 5
minutes with Debian (if opens at all).

Can anyone say why?


- Noora Nurminen                              - noora.nurminen@tut.fi
- Tampere University of Technology            - room TC317
- Research Assistant, Digital Media Institute - gsm +358-40-7024-582

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