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Re: how to uninstall realplayer8 the debian way

Apparently, _Lee Braiden_, on 18/04/05 12:41,typed:
On Monday 18 April 2005 17:14, H. S. wrote:

Now I want to uninstall that version of realpayer and install the newer
one by myself (without using the installer). How do I do that?

I could just uninstall the Debain package. Will that uninstall
realplayer8 binaries as well?

If the package is done correctly, I assume it would. My advice on realplayer, though, is *not* to install it at all, but instead to just download the codecs for it, and use those with your favorite open source player. Much nicer, and it's actually proved more reliable for me in the past.

Yup, you are right. Uninstalled using dselect and it seems to have cleanly removed the package and it's config files. Mozilla's about:plugin shows none for realplayer.

The codecs that you talk of, is there a package to obtain them? I did "apt-cache search codecs" and did not get anything related to realplayer. I have these already installed:
~# dpkg -l *codec* | grep ^i
ii libavcodec1 0.4.8-sarge0.0 Library to encode decode multimedia streams ii libavcodec1-de 0.4.8-sarge0.0 Library to encode decode multimedia streams ii libavcodec2 0.4.9-pre1-sar Library to encode decode multimedia streams ii libavcodeccvs 20050409-0sarg library to encode decode multimedia streams
ii  w32codecs      20050216-0.0   win32 binary codecs


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