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Re: Need Help-YMF724F Sound Card And ALSA

Justin Guerin wrote:

Copying the list, so others might be able to help

On Saturday 16 April 2005 18:49, you wrote:
Justin Guerin wrote:
<posted & mailed>

Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
Have tried for several weeks to get sound from my Dell Dimensions XPS
T450 with YMF724F sound
card and ALSA drivers. snipped ...

I used to have a Dell XPS T450 with YMF724 sound, and it worked perfectly.
So it's possible.

effort followed the instructions at
with no resulting sound from my pc.  Using alsamixer, I unmuted all and
set volume controls up to
90% on everything; still no sound.  Googling yielded lots of hits but
nothing useful except the above
URL.  I'm using real player 10 GOLD and can play video news clips from
Reuters and API on MyYahoo
with good video output but no sound.  I do get static from my speakers
after setting the alsamixer so I'm
confident the speakers are wording.  ymfpci module is loaded.  I ran
update-modules after following the instructions at the above URL.
Hopefully someone using the YMF724F card can tell me what is wrong and
how to fix it, but would appreciate any help whatsoever.  My ALSA
related modules.conf is listed below:
[snip modules config]

I also tried to set up the*_The .asoundrc file__snipped...
Len Chatagnier
snipped: kept for my record

Thanks for this info; I couldn't find or maybe overlooked this info when
reading the
man page for vi(vim).  Since the .asoundrc file only enhances,  I'll try
creating the file
when I have sound.

Anyway, on to your problem.  Did you run aslaconf?  That should be able to
set up your sound card for you.  You will then need to run alsamixer to
unmute the channels.
Thanks, for your replying.  Yes, have run alsaconf and alsamixer twice
but still
no sound while video plays beatifully.  Even tried gamix a coulple of
times.  Everything
set up to 90% or better volume.  The last time run alsaconf, it
eliminated the dev/dsp
artsinformational error message that said "too many links to resolve" or
something to
that effect.  Some progess indicated, maybe?  This message popped up
everytime I started
KDE GUI.  Hope I didn't initialize something that would prevent sound
from playing when
using the mixers through my ignorance.


"Too many links to resolve" is an interesting error message that I've not seen.
Related to this, when I last ran alsaconf, video stopped playing on real player giving a message similar to: non-recognized media format, run change media setting and make sure you have the proper plugins. Control center was set to autodetect so I changed it to OSS and the video started playing again, then went to ALSA and it still played video, no sound, and left it on ALSA. This also brought back the artsinformational message about too many open links on /dev/dsp.

You mention that you've been using real player to test the sound.  How
about using something a little more basic, like a command line utility
(play, for example).  That might give you a more meaningful error
After reading the help files for play and sox, did this with results shown:
ChatagnierL-Home:/home/lchata# play /usr/lib/games/luxman/11k/siren.snd
playing /usr/lib/games/luxman/11k/siren.snd
sox: Failed reading /usr/lib/games/luxman/11k/siren.snd: Did not detect
valid Sun/NeXT/DEC magic number in header.

Also did the same file at 8K with same sox message.  Played a different
8K file with same results.
If I needed to specify an option, didn't because they are greek to me.

This error message indicates that the file you are attempting to play is corrupt. It's not a valid sound file, and even if your sound worked perfectly, you wouldn't be able to play it. Do you have any known good sound files to work with?

Unfortunately, this error is detected before play attempts to open your sound device and play the file, so it doesn't tell us anything about whether or not your sound is configured.

Are you using a sound daemon, like arts or esd?  If so, is real player
configured to play through the sound daemon?  Snipped...

I believe I'm using artsd, but havent' restarted it lately.  snipped....

If you're logged in to KDE, odds are you're using artsd. You can find out for sure by running "ps ux | grep arts", and if you see a line like this: justin 5404 0.0 2.0 57264 5340 ? S Mar27 5:57 artsd -F 10 -S 4096 -a alsa -s 10 -m artsmessage -c drkonqi -l 3 -f then you're definitely using arts. Alternately, you can open up the KDE control center, then open the "sound and multimedia" section, and click on the sound system module. If "Enable the sound system" is checked, then you're using arts. You might try hitting the test sound button, to see if it provides any good feedback.
Artsd is running as shown:
lchata@ChatagnierL-Home:/etc$ ps ux | grep arts
lchata 3503 0.8 5.7 21164 7312 ? S 12:35 0:00 /usr/bin/artsd -F 10 -S 4096 -a oss -s 60 -m artsmessage -c drkonqi -l 3 -f
lchata    3513  0.0  0.3  1548  468 pts/1    S+   12:37   0:00 grep arts
Also, the enable sound system was checked in control center and playing the test button gives me a beep but the sound is coming from a builtin modem speaker not from my HP polleaudio sterio speakers I have hooked up. The modem has always worked for system sounds. Note: could be the speakers are not plugged in correctly; however, I checked the icons on the recepticles and they appear to be correct. Mic to Mic, speakers to output and a yellow plug tapped from my monitor plug going to input on the Dell machine as they were on the HP Pavilion 8370. I don't have documentation on the Dell so can't be sure about hookup.

Post the sound related output of lsmod, and post the attempts at playing
sound with a command line utility, and that should help pinpoint the
ChatagnierL-Home:/home/lchata# lsmod

snipped: results ok

You got enough for us to know that you've got the proper alsa related sound modules loaded, and you've got oss emulation running, which means "play" should work. That's good.

Justin Guerin
Justin, thanks so much for your response.  I was beginning to panic and
about to remove alsa and give oss a try.
Hope the info provided pinpoints the problem.

Leonard Chatagnier

It helps, but unfortunately, we pinpointed a problem with the file you were attempting to play, and not your sound setup. If you can find a known valid sound file, post the results of trying to "play" it.
Searched sox media type extensions and attempted to play several as follows with results: ChatagnierL-Home:/home/lchata# play /usr/share/sounds/Kopete_User_is_Online.ogg
playing /usr/share/sounds/Kopete_User_is_Online.ogg
sox: Can't open output file '/dev/dsp': Too many levels of symbolic links
Estensions cvs, ogg, mp3 all gave the above message. snd gave the original message posted previously. dat gave a message saying it could not determine the sampleing rate. Perhaps I should use some option in the play command? I would be glad to download and play a known good media file if you could suggest one and the URl to locate it. I think we're getting close. For checkout purposes, should I leave KDE sound hardware settings on autodetect as it originally was, on ALSA or on OSS? Also, if you have any suggestions on checking out the speaker, mic, monitor plugs from my HP accessories I'm using into the Dell machine, I'm more
than wiling to take the time.

Justin Guerin

Thanks for your much needed help.
Leonard Chjatagnier

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