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Re: Can't Create Child Process - No Usable X11

  >> I am currently unable to run 2.6.8 and X11 with 'xterm's and other
  >> graphical applications though I get the 'gdm' initial screen and login.
  kmself> X used to have a pretty low client limit, I believe this has been raised
  kmself> more recently.  Old limit was somewhere around 128 IIRC.

  kmself> User limits on memory, processes, and/or open files (X communicates via
  kmself> sockets) can restrict opening new processes.

  kmself> Insufficient free memory can have similar impacts.

Yikes, I forgot to write back after I got things working again ...

A slew of problems appeared to have two causes: the use of old format
config files for 'udev' (after updating) and the mysterious removal of
the 'lo' entry in /etc/network/interfaces.

Sorry about not following up!


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