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Re: openoffice on testing: Won't start

hacker <golfbuf@gmail.com> writes:

> On 4/16/05, Andreas Goesele <Goesele@hfph.mwn.de> wrote:
>> I recently installed Debian sarge. This is an up to date, clean
>> install - I only added some fonts by hand. I use KDE. setup.log looks
>> ok, it indicates 0 Errors.
>> When I try to start openoffice I get a warning about a nonrecoverable
>> error, hitting OK then ends everything but leaves a lock file arround.
> Did you see this note in the README.Debian?:
> If the openoffice script indicates there is an error with your user setup, you
> can retry by doing the following:
>   rm ~/.sversionrc ; rm -r ~/.openoffice ; openoffice

I already had done this and it didn't help. But thanks for the

Andreas Gösele

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