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Re: Off-Topic: Connection between martial arts and F/OS Software (was: Re: Karate)

On Saturday 16 April 2005 10:55 am, Brad Sims wrote:
> Hrm, is shooting firearms considered a martial art? I am not a skilled
> shot, but I do enjoy the self-control you need for target shooting.
>  I am an admitted lousy shot, but I can put twelve .38Spl rounds in an inch
> and a half group at eleven yards with my pistol, and turn in a four inch
> group with a rifle that only shoots a 3-5MOA anyway.
> Firearms are intricate, elegant machines that require your full attention
> at all times... rather like Debian Sid <g> .
IMHO Martial refers to military, so yes.
Damon L. Chesser

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