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Re: resize ext3 partitions?

Hi Matt,

Matt Price <matt.price@utoronto.ca> wrote :

> so, I tried tor esize a couple of ext3 partitions today using parted
> & qtparted and had trouble with both.  Then I oogled around and it
> seems support for ext3 is broken on parted.  Soooo.... what do folsk
> do when they need to resize an ext3 partition?

This is an easy one ...

1. Boot from Knoppix
2. tune2fs ^has_journal /dev/???
3. work with parted
4. tune2fs has_journal /dev/???

tune2fs is able to disable the journalling of an ext3 partition and vice 
versa. "man tune2fs" will help.

bis dahin/kind regards

Martin Mewes

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