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Re: Webmin and Sarge

On Thu, 14 Apr 2005, John Fleming wrote:

> Mike said:
> > Sorry, I'm a bit new to debian.
> >
> > I just setup a little debian server for my brother and was wondering
> > why
> > only portions of webmin are in the main, contrib and non-free
> > repositories. Basically I'm looking for webmin-postfix, webmin-bind,
> > webmin-dhcp and some other packages like that. If I remember
> > correctly,
> > last time I setup a sarge box they were all there.
> >
> > Does anybody know what is going on with the rest of the packages? All
> > I
> > get is;
> >
> > -------------------------------------------
> > apt-cache search webmin
> > webmin - web-based administration toolkit
> > webmin-cluster - cluster control modules for webmin
> > webmin-core - core modules for webmin
> > webmin-exim - exim mail server control module for webmin
> > webmin-ldap-netgroups - LDAP webmin module for editing netgroups
> > webmin-ldap-user-simple - Ldap users control module for webmin
> > (skolelinux)
> > webmin-slbackup - Webmin module for Skolelinux Backup (slbackup)
> > webmin-snort - snort control module for webmin
> > webmin-virtual-server - virtual hosting management module for webmin
> > (virtualmin)
> > webmin-filemanager - file manager module for webmin
> > webmin-qmailadmin - qmail control module for webmin
> > webmin-sentry - portsentry control module for webmin
> > webmin-telnet - telnet module for webmin
> > --------------------------------------------
> >
> > And then there is nothing for usermin anymore.either
> >
> > Thanks,
> > -Michael
> Search the archives - I can't regurgitate the exact explanation that
> was given, but you'll find a 2-3 msg thread about it within the last
> few months.  A bunch temporarily (hopefully) disappeared a few months
> ago.  The advice was to pull the packages from Sid and not to worry.
> I did that for one, and it was fine.  I believe it was tha package
> maintainer that answered the original question.  I asked for any
> update info recently and didn't get an answer.  Anyone know if the
> missing webmin packages will be available prior to Sarge going stable?

Hi John and Mike,

Yes that was me who answered the original question.  For those who missed
the explanation, it goes like this.  Packages are uploaded to the unstable
distribution (sid.)  If they are free of major (release-critical) bugs for
a certain number of days, they move to the testing (sarge) distribution.
When sarge is reasonably complete and bug free, it will be declared the
new stable distribution.

The trouble is some of the webmin components had release-critical bugs and
did not migrate to testing with the other bits.  You can however get them
from unstable right now.  Today I fixed the last of these bugs and the
missing modules will migrate to testing by Tuesday at the latest.

And before anyone asks, I know there are newer webmin versions than 1.180
available.  But the priority was to get 1.180 fully assembled and bug-free
first.  If there is time before the freeze the newer versions may get
packaged but probably not,

Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar@debian.org>
La Salle Debain - http://www.braincells.com/debian/

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