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Re: howto setup color local terminal?

Craig Skinner <craig@openpost.org> writes:

> On Fri, 2005-04-15 at 17:26, Bruno Hertz wrote:
>> Check your TERM environment variable when logged into the (local)
>> console. Value should be 'linux'.
> When ssh'd in:
> [craig@berlina build]$ echo $TERM
> xterm
> And locally:
> [craig@berlina craig]$ echo $TERM
> linux
> I've tried exporting TERM as xterm from /etc/profile and read man pages
> for everything from inittab, getty, login, profile, bashrc, toe, etc,
> etc.
> Where to next?

Pub around the corner for a beer :)

Not sure. Maybe try 'tack' on the console. It lets you test your
terminal, including color tests. Not sure how much diagnostic it gives
on errors, though.

As to the reasons why colors don't work, my guess would be a broken
ncurses or terminfo setup resp. installation. I presume that e.g. 'ls'
doesn't output ansi escape sequences in 'clear text', so ncurses
itself might already think that your terminal is not color
capable. All this is wild guessing, though. Any term guru listening
may step in, please.

Regards, Bruno.

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