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grub and "chainloader" command

hi folks,

I have a redhat server which I'm moving over to debian; I've done this
by placing a new hard drive in a different box (let's call this box "Deb"),
building a debian base system using debootstrap and chroot, and slowly
replicating all the functions of the old redhat server.  I think I'm
just about done.  Now I've installed grub on the boot sector of this
new drive -- which is hde in its current configuration -- and I just
want to test the boot loader out before I move the drive over to the
webserver and set it up as the main hard drive there (so it'll be

But in order to test this new grub installation, I guess I have to
"chainload" it from the grub that's installed on hda (al lstill on
Deb).  I've looked a bit at the grub manual but I'm not quite sure how
to do this.  I want a stanza in menu.lst that points to the _boot
sector_ on hde (which in grub's syntax is (hd2) ).  I imagine
something like:

title = New System Test
chainloader = (hd2)+1

but I haven't seen any indications in the docs thatthis'll work. 

what do y'all think?



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