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Re: Lost all my project data, file recovery tool? Urgent!

On Fri, 2005-04-15 at 16:30 +0200, Matthias Kaeppler wrote:
> Ron Johnson wrote:
> > On Fri, 2005-04-15 at 14:39 +0200, Matthias Kaeppler wrote:
> > 
> >>Monique Y. Mudama wrote:
> >>
> >>>On 2005-04-14, Matthias Kaeppler penned:
> > 
> > [snip]
> > 
> >>Yes, because what if the fault was on my side? I won't file a bug unless 
> >>I'm 100% sure it /is/ a bug.
> >>I have received an answer from the package maintainer in the meantime, 
> >>and it turned out that the directory was deleted because cvsd used it as 
> >>a chroot jail (which itself and all of its subdirectories get deleted on 
> >>deinstallation). So I guess the fault /was/ on my side because I didn't 
> >>inform myself enough about what chroot jails are and how they are handled.
> >>
> >>It looks like the only "bug" was in my attention regarding the 
> >>installation/deinstallation messages. Errare humanum est.
> > 
> > 
> > Did you leave your project in the default directory created when
> > cvsd was installed?
> > 
> It was like this:
> /home/mkay/devel/projects
> was the folder I had all my stuff in. In this folder I had a 
> subdirectory for my personal, private cvs repository, which managed my 
> stuff:
> /home/mkay/devel/projects/cvs
> That was before the installation of cvsd.
> When I installed cvsd, I was asked where to install it, and if it ought 
> to be put in a chroot jail. It also said, that I could afterwards init 
> any cvs repos in this directory.
> Since I didn't want to create any new repos at all, but force cvsd to 
> work on my existing repo residing in the path above, I changed the 
> location of the chroot jail from /var/opt to /home/mkay/devel/projects 
> (otherwise I would have had to recreate any repositories in /var/opt and 
> I didn't want that).
> Okay, this was the first bad idea, because I didn't really know what a 
> chroot jail is, and it turned out that the path I provided would be 
> treated as if it was /, so I suddenly had /etc /lib and other common 
> system folders in my projects dir, which obviously didn't belong there.
> I decided to reinstall.
> I deinstalled with `aptitude purge cvsd` and indeed a message was 
> displayed talking about the chroot jail being removed and I should 
> backup my repositories residing inside.
> I did that, I backuped the cvs folder in /home/mkay/devel/projects, but 
> I seemingly missed the part in the message, that not only the 
> repositories would be deleted, but also all subdirectories of the chroot 
> jail. I just didn't know that actually no other folders are supposed to 
> reside in a chroot jail besides the cvs repos, that's probably why the 
> author only mentioned I should backup those.
> Bottom line being, I guess if you know what chroot jailing means, you 
> won't make the same mistake I did. If not, there is at least a chance 
> that you will run into the same trouble.
> After that being said, do you still think it's worth filing a bug?

If you backed up /home/mkay/devel/projects, then what am I missing?
You should still have the tarball floating around somewhere, right?

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