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OT:Debian box giveaway


Apologies if this is not of interest but I have some debian boxen to
dispose of.

Background: I've acquired/inherited a fair amount of kit over the last
2/3 years in the course of exploring Debian.  Space constraints and
energy consumption demand that I (reluctantly) let some of this kit go.
Debian is installed and ready to run on all three boxen.

1. Mac 8100/80 nubus mac which was the subject of my install notes at:

and is set up as a file server - it has been rock solid - booting via
MKLinux on a small MacOS partition.

>From memory it has c.80Mb memory and 10gb HDD (scsi) - 7gb free on /home
Power cable, keyboard, mouse and ethernet adapter supplied

Strictly for mac freaks ;)

2. Mac beige G3 267Mhz  - I was given three of these (my daughter and
mother have two of these running OSX and OS9 respectively .... shame)
This one is running sarge with xfce4 configured as a workstation -
booting with BootX on a small MacOS partition - I never did get quik
working ;(

92Mb 4gb HDD (ATA) 1.2Gb free on /home
Powercable, monitor, keyboard and mouse supplied

Less obsure than nubus but still somewhat esoteric - again it will
probably only appeal to mac freaks ;)

3. HP LHPro 200 server - this is heavy duty kit (it weighs a lot) and
has been one of our main file and print servers until this week. It has
hw RAID configured with 14gb free on home but there is a spare IDE slot
and so the capacity could be boosted significantly.

It has dual 200Mhz pentium pro processors, 256Mb mem,  running sarge
with samba and cups.
There is a separate HP SureStoreDLT30 tape drive that goes with it.  Can
be supplied with keyboard, mouse and monitor, if required

Warning - it is heavy and fairly noisy - it is an industrial strength
server ;)

I'm in North London and would be happy to deliver in this area or if I
happen to be travelling in your direction.  I don't want anything for
this stuff but hope that it could either benefit someone or the debian



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