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Debian 3.1 kprinter stopped working after upgrade

Upgraded a bunch of packages with apt-get upgrade a couple of days ago,
now when trying to print using kprinter, I get this message:

Unable to start child print process. Check the command syntax:
cupsdoprint -P 'hp1200' -J 'KPrinter' -H 'localhost:631' -U
'<my_uname_here>' -o ' Resolution=600dpi copies=1

Tried running this command manually from the same account with a file
name to print - it works.

Printing from command line, Open Office, abiword works fine. I'm using
CUPS, cupsd is running, I can http to localhost:631, can print test
page, etc. xprint is not running.

Printing from kate, web browsers doesn't work, get similar message.

kernel v2.6.8-2-386(worked fine before the upgrade), kde v43, kdeprint

Any ideas?


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