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Re: KDE Konsole config question

On Sunday 10 April 2005 17:49, J. Grant wrote:
> Hello,
> Sometimes I accidentally click the title bar on Konsole.  Then I have to
> click again to expand it.
> Unfortunately after that point Konsole always shrinks into its title bar
> every time I move my mouse away from the window.  Is there any
> description of this "feature" and how to permanently disable it please?
> Kind regards
> JG
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Shading is the name of the feature being invoked.
You can disable it completely by the advice given in the previous reply.
If you like Window Shading, you can disable the aspect of the feature that 
annoys you (and me): "hovering."
Right-Click Title Bar
Select "Configure Window Behaviour..."
Select Left Icon Category "Advanced"
In "Shading," uncheck "Enable Hover"
(KDE 3.4. Previous versions use the same or similar words.)

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