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Re: KDE Konsole config question

On Sunday 10 April 2005 22:49, J. Grant wrote:
> Sometimes I accidentally click the title bar on Konsole.  Then I have to
> click again to expand it.
> Unfortunately after that point Konsole always shrinks into its title bar
> every time I move my mouse away from the window.  Is there any
> description of this "feature" and how to permanently disable it please?

Sounds like you're talking the about window roll-up feature, where a window 
will shrink to just its title bar if you double click on that titlebar?

It's a common X feature, and one of my favourites.  You don't get it in KDE  
ask for it by selecting Unix behaviour on your first KDE login, or unless you 
unless you specifically turn it on. But you can disable it easily, by 
right-clicking on the window title, choosing Window Behaviour, then Actions, 
and changing the "Titlebar Double-Click" option.  Note that this is the 
location on KDE 3.4, and it might be slightly different on 3.3.  But not 
much :)


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