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Re: Sarge and GATOS (ATI Rage 128, 16M All In Wonder)

Le Thu, 07 Apr 2005 22:33:03 -0400, A. F. Cano a écrit :

> First thing I did was to install the Debian packages.  Upon running
> xatitv I got the following:
> GATOS: gatos_inita(): Invalid argument
> xatitv: gatos_init(): Invalid argument
> Then, thinking that the Debian package might not be as up to date as
> the upstream source, I downloaded the binary tar file for X 4.3, per
> these instructions:
> http://gatos.sourceforge.net/ati.2.php
> This overwrote some files in /etc/X11R6 and added others, but it
> didn't make any difference: same error.

Hum, debian xfree 4.3 is not the same that xfree86 upstream 4.3. It is a
fork ! so the problem is not that it is not up to date but that teh code
have cahnged a lot since the fork happened !
By overwriting your debian X 4.3 installation with xfree86 4.3 you made
somthing pretty weird.

Sadly i cannot tell you how to achieve what you want : compile gatos x
server and kernel drm driver under debian . Not that i don't care (i wan't
the tv_out driver) but i have not had time to test it yet.

The best bet i woudl make is to ask on gatos mailing list if debian is
supported (and where to find the relevant code, process, etc) or maybe to
find out if gatos drivers are in xorg (the web site is quite outdated, it
does not even talk about xorg ...)

debian X 4.3 is mainly for sarge, in a few monthes debian will switch to
xorg so i wonder if it is worth the trouble to try to make gatos works on
it. Xorg is a better bet.


PS: gatos is really not for the faint of hearth. Prerequesite is at least
to know how to compile a kernel and an Xserver ...I really hope this has
improved and is already merged to Xorg or have binary for it.
You will still need to patch your kernel though (but better check the
mailing :

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