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Re: Compiling the newest KDE on stable

--- Joel <badassmexican1@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm a newbie that would like to try compiling my
> first program on Stable.  I
> would like to upgrade to the newest version of KDE. 
> Does anyone know of any
> good How-To's or just where to begin?  I'm not sure
> if I have gcc installed
> properly or all the right libraries.

Google is your friend:
try searching for
kde 3.4 requirements


this would not be the easiest thing for a beginner to
compile. It might take you a few hours on some

again Google
kde 3.4 debian

Debian precompiled packages
 (just need to update your apt sources)

Debian based Ubuntu also has 3.4 KDE already and new
version  Hoary was just released yesterday.
just have to do apt-get install kdebase (minimal
there are other packages for full install but I forget
the names.

good luck

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