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Re: kernel-source or kernel-image to use?

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The first in the abowe list of kernels is the default option at the installation of Sarge.

Is it possible to set this kernel to use the framebuffer?
The second kernel can install, but the abowe question still there.

With kernel-source-2.6.8 can use the menuconfig and there can set the new kernel.

With installation of kernel-tree-2.6.8 come the kernel-source-2.6.8.

If I use kernel-source, then can use the menuconfig, but if use kernel-image, then I can't use the menuconfig to configure the new kernel. Is it true?

kernel-image-* are precompiled binary kernel images. They have almost everything you might need either built-in or built as modules, and use an initrd if I'm not mistaken. kernel-image-2.6-686 isn't a full kernel image, instead it depends on the latest kernel image available, probably kernel-image-2.6.8-2-686 in this case. kernel-source-* is source code, you will *need* to make menuconfig and build your kernel (might I suggest make-kpkg from kernel-package for this). kernel-tree-* is used to keep kernel-image and kernel-source packages in sync, and according to its description "serves no purpose outside of the Debian build and archive infrastructure".


Chris Boot

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