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Re: my font of death

> loaded the pfb file into fontforge (a font editor). I organised the font
> according to my needs and then generated the ttf font (still using
> fontforge). I installed the ttf font using the KDE font installer and it
> worked perfectly. Openoffice, Abiword, everybody saw it and liked it. So
> far no problem.
> I now had to get the font to be recognised as an xlsfont. I followed the
> Debian mini-howto http://www.linux.org/docs/ldp/howto/TT-Debian-3.html
> setting up the xfs server, and then setting up the xfstt server to add
> truetype support. I install the font as per instructions and it shows up
> nicely with $xlsfonts. It even shows up using xfontsel and all appears
> normal. The problem is that any time after that any application that
> even has the font available will crash the system as described in the
> first paragraph. As I said, the font works fine as long as it is not an
> xls font - the catch 22 is that an xls font is what it has to be.

Could you report this bug to the bug tracking system (reportug) ?

Also did you mean that the font is now registered in two places : xfstt
and via kde font installer ?

There was an uplad yesterday about xft2 it could help if your crash comes
from the client side and not the xfs server .

you should look at the faq from the X strike force (X debian maintainers)

they have a lot of helpfull tips and how to provide advanced informations.


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