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FIXED: Courier IMAP: "malloc: Input/output error"

Chris Boot wrote:

Hi all,

I have only just recently started receiving the following errors in my mail server's mail and system logs:

Apr  5 15:11:38 tarquin.lan imapd-ssl: malloc: Input/output error
Apr  5 15:11:38 tarquin.lan imapd-ssl: malloc: Input/output error

This is repeated a lot, but only appears for imapd-ssl and no other process. Note that I'm only allowing outside IMAP connections over SSL, so this may also happen for imapd, but since it's hardly ever used it's not causing errors.

At first it could be my swap partitions failing but nothing else seems to be going wrong and 'badblocks -vw' can't find a thing...

I'm using a virtual domains setup, so all of my users' mail is stored and accessed using the 'vmail' account on my system. Some googling found someone thinking it could be about ulimits, and another post on the Courier mailing list, but couldn't find answers to either...

I'm using a homebuilt kernel with grsec. The system has plenty of free memory and a humongous amount of free swap...

Any ideas?

Many thanks,

Hi all,

For the list archives: I think I've fixed the problem. It's only been running for a few minutes now, but I haven't got any of these so it should be OK.

The problem was that portmap had died some time ago, and I had restarted it. However, fam (that Courier IMAP uses to check for new files) hadn't registered with the new portmap instance and was giving me the rather misleading 'malloc: Input/output error'. I restarted fam and it seems to be running fine now. Go figure.

Hope this helps someone in the future!


Chris Boot

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